At Valley Sales and Equipment all of our designing is done in-house. We have an experienced design team that can take your conceptual idea and turn it into a detailed working model, regardless or how big or small the project is. From small parts for your dock at the cottage to complete aggregate screening structures and systems, we will tailor every design to your needs.

    Our team uses the most current 2D and 3D CAD software available to ensure we can offer the best detailed and illustrative designs possible. In conjunction with our CAD software’s we also have an 8’x12’ digitizing board that allows us to take any flat pattern or shape, trace it out and convert it into a 2D CAD file. Once we obtain the CAD file we can then duplicate or customize the part on our plasma/torch 8’x20’ CNC burning table.

    Give us a call with your ideas and let’s discuss how we can turn them into working solutions.